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Committed to Livestock Markets
Cirencester Livestock Market, Cotswold Agricultural Centre, Driffield Road, Cirencester, GL7 5QA

Tel: 01285 869911 (Tues & Thurs Only) or Tel: 01291 680068/01454 269486

Cirencester Livestock Market

Opened on 1st November 2005 and officially opened by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales on 22nd November 2005.  Situated off the A419 Swindon to Gloucester Road taking the Spine Road Junction signposted to South Cerney and the Water Parks, take the sharp bend exit signposted Driffield and the market is located 250 yards on the right hand side adjacent to Countrywide Stores.

Cirencester Market - Holding Number: 14/052/8001

Contact Chris Voyce (01291 680068), Jon Pullin (01454 269486), Richard Barrow (07885 298316).





Regulations Update


At Cirencester Market & Voyce Pullin On Farm sales for the safety of our staff and customers we have been as stringent as possible regarding the wearing of masks and social distancing together with the ‘drop and go' policy.


On Monday 19th July 2021 some restrictions have been lifted and it has been left to individuals as to how they act. Coronavirus cases are still at high levels and we ask you to act responsibly, keep your distance, sanitise your hands, wear a mask if you feel it is required. Common sense is required at all our sales.


Market Vendors:

You are now allowed back into the market to watch your stock sold, we ask that you still reduce your time in market and please try to restrict the number of attendees from one household.


The calf sale has returned to the calf ring and we ask vendors in both rings to stand back to allow social distancing between purchasers.


Market Buyers:

The screens around the sale ring will remain in place and the office will remain being served at the windows.  Again, please try to restrict the number of people attending the market to allow Social Distancing between each buyer.


We still recommend that Onlookers & Children do not attend or social visits.





Thank you for your Co-operation



For sales of Rearing & Weaned calves, Beef Cows & Calves & Store & Dairy Cattle.  These operate as "Green" markets meaning all cattle & calves over 42 days of age MUST be pre-movement TB tested within 60 days of sale.  The Store Cattle Sale is a catalogued sale and is available by fax or e-mail on the Monday prior to sale.

These sales also include Sales of Organic Cattle Sales - Licencesed to sell Organic Cattle every Tuesday at Cirencester Market in conjunction with usual store cattle sales (closing dates for entries to the Organic Section must be to the Auctioneers 3 days prior to sale - accompanied with Vendors Trading Schedule and Transfer document). 

SALES OF TB RESTRICTED STORE & BEEF CATTLE AT OUR MONTHLY MONDAY MARKET - For Sales of Store & Beef Cattle & Barren Cows.  These operate as "Orange" markets meaning all cattle & calves over 42 days of age MUST be pre-movement TB tested within 90 days of sale.  The storage cattle is a catalogued sale and is available by fax or e-mail on the Friday prior to sale. 


Rather than making your application by telephone, Animal health now require a completed application form (tb204) to be completed & emailed / posted to  APHA Customer Service Centre TB Licensing, Isca Building, Manley House, Kestrel Way, Exeter, EX2 7LQ, Fax: 02082 258 465.

Please note: Licenses are issued on a first come first served basis & may take up to 5 working days to process. As such, short notice requests may not be issued in time. Cattle can enter an Orange market if they have tested negative within 90 days of a new or repeat herd test, even if reactors are found (reactors must be removed from the holding prior to applying for a licence).

Cattle are NO LONGER ALLOWED to return home. The only onward movement allowed will be to an Approved Finishing Unit (AFU) or an abattoir.

Next Sales - Monday, 29th November & 20th December 2021

SALES OF BEEF & OTM CATTLE & BARREN COWS AT OUR WEEKLY THURSDAY MARKET - For sales of Beef Cattle & Barren Cows.  These operate as "Green TB Exempt" markets meaning all cattle can move with or without a pre-movement TB test.  The non tested cattle can only be purchased if you have an Approved Finish Unit (AFU) & Exempt Finish Unit (EFU) or direct to Slaughter.

SALES OF SHEEP & GOATS AT OUR WEEKLY THURSDAY MARKET - For sales of Prime & Store Sheep & Cull Ewes.  All sheep MUST be accompanied with an AML2 Sheep Licence (available from the Market Office).  New ear tagging regulations came into force on the 1st January 2015 and are as follows: 

ALL LAMBS BORN MUST be electronically tagged either with a single electronic slaughter tag (if destined to be slaughter within 12 months) or full EID (1 electronic tag and a matching non electronic tag).

HISTORIC FLOCK / BREEDING & CULL EWES The historic flock being the older ewes will need to be electronic tagged with full EID (1 electronic tag and a matching non electronic tag).

ELECTRONIC SLAUGHTER TAG An electronic Slaughter tag is a single yellow tag with just your flock number and contains a microchip with animal number.



Description: Electronic Slaughter Tag.jpg

To be used in sheep sold for slaughter or stores

(if destined to be slaughter within first 12 months of life)

Cannot be used for Cull ewes

FULL EID TAGS One electronic tag which is a single yellow tag with flock number & individual animal number and contains a microchip & one non electronic tag with the individual matching number printed on.


Description: Full EID.jpg

To be used in all breeding sheep (ewes or ewe lambs) (if destined to be not to be slaughter within first 12 months of life)

To be used for Historic flock including cull ewes.

SALES OF PIGS AT OUR MONTHLY THURSDAY MARKET - For sales of Prime and Store Pigs, Sows & Boars on the second Thursday of each month.  All pigs MUST move with an electronic pig Licence eAML2 completing the Food Chain & Trichinella Sections.  The eAML2 helpline number is 0844 3358400.  Next Sales - Thursday, 9th December 2021 (11.00 am).

Sales Times - Tuesday's

Sale of Rearing Calves, followed by Sale of Weaned Calves

Sale of Store Cattle (Catalogues Prepared - e-mail/fax)

Sale of Organic Store Cattle

Sale of Dairy Cows/Heifers

Sales Times - Thursday's

(All Thursday markets are "Green" markets with a TB exempt section, which means Cattle can come to market without a Pre-Movement TB test)

Sale of Slaughter Sheep (New Ear Tagging Regulations)
Sale of Cull Ewes (New Ear Tagging Regulations)


Sale of Store Sheep (New Ear Tagging Regulations)


Sale of Pigs (2nd Thurs in month - Next Sale 9th December)

Sale of Beef Cattle
        Sale of Barren Cows




Poultry - Cancelled until further notice

Market Reports Entry Forms (Download & Print)
  November   Store Cattle (incl Organic) Form Weaned Calf
  - 2nd & 4th November     Beef Cattle and Under 36 months Form Calf Entry Form
  - 9th & 11th November    
  - 16th & 18th November     Barren Cow and Over 36 months Form

Cow and Calf Form

  - 23rd & 25th November    
         Thursday Sheep Entry Form

Pig Entry Form & Declaration

        TB204 Form (TB restricted application form) Dairy Form
        General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Commercial Entry Form
        Christmas Entry Form

Christmas Schedule

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